Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Where is’s Common Stock Listed?

Our common stock is listed under the stock symbol EFBI. We suggest the website OTC Market to view trading information.

OTC Market

To review our filings with U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission we suggest visiting our SEC Filings.

SEC FilingsSEC Filings Section 16

Financial Reports

Quarterly ReportsXBRL FilingsAnnual Reports 

Financial Reports 9-30-22

Financial Reports 6-30-22

Financial Reports 3-31-22

Financial Reports 12-31-21

Financial Reports 9-30-21

Financial Reports 6-30-21

Financial Reports 3-31-21

Financial Reports 12-31-20

Financial Reports 9-30-20

10Q as Filed 3-31-20

10K as Filed 12-31-19

10Q as Filed 09-30-19

10Q as Filed 06-30-19

10Q as Filed 3-31-19

10K as Filed 12-31-18

10Q as Filed 09-30-18

10Q as Filed 6-30-18

10Q as Filed 3-31-18

Eagle 2020 First Quarter

Eagle 2019 Fourth Quarter

Eagle 2019 Third Quarter

Eagle 2019 Second Quarter

Eagle 2019 First Quarter

Eagle 2018 Fourth Quarter

Eagle 2018 Third Quarter

Eagle 2018 Second Quarter

Eagle 2018 First Quarter

Results of the 2022 Annual Meeting of Stockholders of EFBI

2022 Notice Proxy Statement & 2021 Annual Report

Results of the 2021 Annual Meeting of Stockholders of EFBI

2021 Notice, Proxy Statement & 2020 Annual Report

2020 Notice, Proxy Statement & 2019 Annual Report

2019 Notice, Proxy Statement & 2018 Annual Report

2018 Notice, Proxy Statement & 2017 Annual Report




Charters & Code of Ethics

ChartersCode of Ethics

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Joint Compensation Committee Charter

Joint Audit Committee Charter

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Press Releases

Press Release - Cash Dividend 10-2022 & Third Quarter 2022 Results

Press Release - Cash Dividend 08-2022 & Second Quarter 2022 Results

Press Release - Cash Dividend 05-2022 & First Quarter 2022 Results

Press Release - Fourth Quarter 2021 Results

Press Release - Cash Dividend 2-2022 & 2022 Annual Meeting Date

Press Release - Cash Dividend 10-2021 & Third Quarter 2021 Results

Press Release – Cash Dividend 07-2021 & Second Quarter 2021 Results

Press Release - Cash Dividend 04-2021 & First Quarter 2021 Results

Press Release - EFBI Announces New President Director Nominations

Press Release - EFBI Announces 02-05-2021 Change of Bank's Name

Press Release - Cash Dividend 01-2021 & Annual Meeting Date/Fourth Quarter Results

Press Release - Cash Dividend 10-2020 & Third Quarter Results

Press Release - Cash Dividend 09-2020

Press Release - EFBI Earnings 063020

Press Release - Repurchase Program

Press Release - Cash Dividend

Press Release - Voluntary Nasdaq Delisting

Forward-Looking Statements
Statements concerning future performance, developments or events, expectations for growth and income forecasts, and any other guidance on future periods constitute forward-looking statements that are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results are pre-fiscal year-end audit and may differ materially from stated expectations. Specific factors include, but are not limited to, loan production, balance sheet management, expanded net interest margin, the ability to control costs and expenses, interest rate changes and financial policies of the United States government and general economic conditions. The Bank disclaims any obligation to update any such factors.


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